Happy Monday!


Hi everyone-

Hope you all had a great weekend. We did here. It was a busy one but a lot of fun. Family and friends were over on Friday, Saturday and Sunday while we celebrated Cree's 2ND Birthday. It was a lot of fun and great to have family from out of town able to make it.

Cree had a great time especially on the Tumble Bus which came right to the house. The Tumble Bus is a converted school bus in which instructors teach gymnastics and well...tumbling. It's pretty cool and Cree loves it.

I can't believe she's two all ready. It's going by very fast and the changes in her are almost daily. I love it.

So today's image was shot in Yellowstone National Park where the wildflowers were fantastic this year. I shot these on the Madison- Norris Road right where the canyon opens to the Gibbon Meadows. I'll probably be posting more wild flower shots this week if I can get them done.

Have a great day.