Hi everyone-

Today's image is of Dallas. It was taken on the front porch of my cabin at the Cowboy village. As we were preparing to leave I happened to notice Dallas near his truck.

He has the classic cowboy look and vibe. I approached hm readily and asked if I might make a photograph of him and he immediately agreed.

I was really happy with the way this turned out. That being said I really think this image is screaming for a face lift. So I am going to age this image and see what I can come up with. I really think that this image lends it self t that kinda of treatment.

Hopefully I can get that done sooner that later I'll post it as soon as I get it done.

Today is a travel day. I leave Choteau and end up somewhere between Yellowstone and Jackson. Hopefully I'll have some Internet.

Have a great day!


Bradley Myers said...

Great photo Brian, that gut was a real cowboy. Thanks for the last couple of weeks, I even got a hug goodbye from Cree last night.