The Final Evening...


Hi everyone-

I am writing this post from the Super 8 parking lot in Gardiner, MT. I'll be heading up to the campground at Mammoth in a few minutes and there is no internet there.

So I have spent the last hour and a half working on some images while listening to the Presidential debate on XM. I really should have listened to something else as I didn't hear anything new or interesting from either candidate. Having listened to the first debate I really didn't have to listen to this one as it really was just a rerun. Hopefully the third one will have a bit more substance.

Anyway on to a bit more entertaining subject...

Tonight might be my last evening in Yellowstone for the year. I will spend the last day in park (tomorrow/today- Wednesday) and then head to Jackson for the night. Thursday I'll make the trek to Denver.

It was pretty slow in the park today. I saw a few animals, some great mule deer bucks near Tower, some large Bull Elk and a Blue Heron as well as a good amount of Bison.

However it was pretty much uneventful. One thing I noticed is that the park is really really empty of visitors. Most of the services are closed down and traffic is really light.

So with this in mind I have to figure out where I will get the best bang for my buck when I get back to the area from Texas Sunday night. I'll be flying back into Denver if anyone has any suggestions of where I might spend a few days photographing before heading back to PA.

Tonight's image was shot south of Canyon in Yellowstone National Park. This bull was keeping his harem in line along a ridge to the north of the road. He kept disapering over the ridge but persistance paid off and eventually he returned for a few moments allowing me to get a couple of cool shots.

Have a great day!


Nick said...

Great blues. Love the way you have composed this image.

bobbie said...

This has to be one of the best nature photographs I've ever seen.

I've taken a quick look at your earlier photos. All just wonderful! The eagle, the spring - all of them. I am impressed.