Missin' My Girls...


Hi everyone-

Sorry about the delay in today's post. I'm in Denver and decided to take the morning to sleep in a bit and get organized for the last leg of the trip. Yesterday was a long day as my flight was delayed several times adding 3 and a half hours to the trip. I love just sitting i the airport for hours....NOT!

Thanks though to Gordon McGregor and Jan Klier for hanging out with me while we waited for our flights. Thanks also to the whole group in Austin for a great weekend. I had a fun time.

Today I am going to head out into the mountains of Colorado to see what I can come up with to photograph.

The images I posted to day are some that I have been looking at everyday since they were taken. It was great to have my girls come out and join me for a while on the trip but I really wish they could have been with me the whole time.

I miss them a lot and am really looking forward to seeing them soon!!!!!!


Gordon said...

Good to hear you eventually got out of Austin