Mule Deer Buck


Hi everyone-

Greetings from Montrose, Colorado. Yesterday I traveled from Denver through Vail, and Aspen to Marble Canyon and Crystal. I ended up in Montrose.

My intention was to shoot fall color. There were a few isolated areas where the aspen still had their leaves but the majority had blown away.

I stopped in Carbondale for a quick dinner and headed out in the direction of Marble Canyon and Crystal. My intention was to get to the Crystal Area and scout out and possibly photograph the Crystal Mill. When I arrived the sun had set but it was still pretty light.

I decided to head up the dirt road and see if I could reach the mill. The road was extremely rough and really put my truck through it's paces. As I moved up the road the light was quickly dropping off. The trees in the area had few if any leaves on them. I continued up the ever narrowing and increasingly more rough road. I got to a bridge and decided that it would be best to turn around.

To continue up the road in the dark was probably a little more risky than I wanted while traveling alone. The road is narrow and steep enough at points that a wrong move could result in the vehicle tumbling off the edge and me having to wait to be discovered.

So I turned around and headed to Montrose. Tomorrow I'll be heading out to shoot some fall color in the San Juan Mountains. Hopefully there is still some color out there. I couldn't tell when I came in to area what the leaf situation was.

Today's image was shot in Yellowstone National Park in the Lava Creek area. There were several other buck in the area but as close as they were they liked to keep their distance.

Have a great day!


Jan Klier said...

Hey Brian,

You've returned to the deers. Did your nose guide you :-)

Joke aside, this a great place. Many years ago I drove this road to Marble the other way, coming over from Gunnison and through the canyon down the Crystal Mill to Marble. I think that was the scariest off-road trip I've ever done. My friend even decided to get out of the car and walk down the grade.


Brian Bastinelli said...

sniff, sniff, sniff...

Jan, that road is crazy. IT was too bad it was getting dark or I would have continued.

I could totally see why your friend got out. There were a few times when I thought I was going to go off the edge.

But what's life with out an occasional oh crap moment! It was good seeing you this weekend.