Sometimes you get to witness something that is truly an amazing moment. Today I got to so such a thing.

While this 'moment' was not live it struck as if I was there when it happened.

While I was transferring data between computers I was checking out blogs and websites. I was looking at a photographers site when I came upon a post that had a YouTube video in it from some time ago.

The guy said that you should check it out and that he gets chills every time he sees it. So I thought I'd check it out...

Before I continue with the story I want to preface this rest of this with some personal background. In my life many things have come easy to me and in those things I have been successful. There are more things however that I have had an uphill battle with.

In many of those areas I have worked very hard to achieve the rewards that I never thought I could. Sometimes the battle has gone one for a long time, some have not yet ended and I continue to find new obstacles to tackle and overcome.

The emotional rewards for doing so are in many cases indescribable. Likewise the defeats stick with you sometimes forever.

One of the most rewarding experiences to be a part of is to see someone overcome the odds and triumph beyond their dreams and anyone elses expectations. I have a place in my heart for the underdog, I so want to see them triumph and achieve greatness at any level.

This next video is all of those things... I watched it not having any expectations of what I would see. What I saw literally brought tears to my eyes. It is these moments that life is all about...


Barry Armer said...

Hey Brian!
I've had a shortcut to this video clip on my desktop ever since it originally aired and I watch it at least once a month, sometimes three or four times a month. I find the clip to be one of the most inspirational videos I have ever seen and it always has the same strong emotional impact on me that you are describing. I guess great minds think alike? :-)

J. L. T. said...

Hello Brian,
yes the video of paul potts has a gooseflesh-factor. I love it too. these are very touching moments.
sunny greetings

Marti said...

Hi Brian,
Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. What a wonderful story!! And, being a lover of opera, it definitely had a strong emotional appeal to me. I had tears in my eyes at the end -- doing a very poor job of "singing along".

Just a lovely and inspiring story!!!

Take care - Marti

Gordon said...

I've seen this before but it is still great to see. Also noticed that he went on to do well from that start, too, it seems.

his home page

Gordon said...

there's one other video I've seen that gives me a similar sort of response. You can find it here