The Big Day Has Arrived...


Hi everyone-

I just wanted to quick get something up here for those of you who check out the site regularly.

I do not have an image ready for today because I have been working last night and today on transferring data and setting up my new iMAC computer.

That's right the change over has begun.

As a matter of fact I am typing this post on the new system. Last night I got all of the necessary programs loaded and today I am beginning to move data around and off of the old PC machine.

This is going to take some time as I am going to be reorganizing, cleaning out and generally starting over.

You might ask why I would be doing that and well the answer is quite simple.

Before today there was NO SYSTEM to my madness. There was a very light categorizing by date of fire images and recent trips but nothing that was really intuitive or that anyone else would easily follow.

So I figured today was a good a day as any to start over. All the old is being moved to two external hard drives where I will categorize it as time allows. Everything new will be completely under a new system that will take advantage of all the technology that has gone unused even on my old system, keywords, dates, backups etc.

How I have not lost massive amounts of data and images up to this point is really amazing to me.

So if I am going to move forward with my career in photography I really need to get things organized so I can function like the well oiled machine I aspire to

The new iMac is really cool and the screen is huge. Best part is there is no tower and no noisy cooling fan.

I have been using a MacBook laptop for some time now so the transition is somewhat smooth as I already have a good feel for the Mac environment. Now I just have to change the way I actually do things to streamline operations.

I'll write about how it's going here and there over the next little while. If you have any thoughts or tips that might make my life easier feel free to pass them along.

Have a great day!