Back On Track...


Hi everyone-

Well after a very busy few days I think I'm back on track as far as my routine as well as my computer system. If you have followed the blog you know that I recently completed the switch to MAC that I started 2 years ago.

I first replaced my laptop with a MacBook. At that point I became hooked on the ease of operation, stability and functionality of the MAC system. However I had recently upgraded my home PC to a Dell XPS, which was a great system. It was designed a s a gaming machine, but worked well for me as a system to edit my images.

There were inherent issues with it however. System stability, viruses, random crashes etc. These issues seemed to grow in their magnitude and complexity with each occurrence. So after a few years I decided it was necessary to make the final leap to Apple.

I recently received my iMac 24" system and have been working diligently to transfer the files to the new system. This was a bit more difficult than I had anticipated. Email would not transfer easily, my address book placed quotations around every field during the transfer and the list goes on.

But I have moved everything to external drives and today dismantled the other system. It is going to be re formatted and see a new life as a screaming machine for my wife's office.

I have a few more things to work out. Most importantly, is re organizing my files and moving them around so I can reformat my Maxtor external drives to function completely with the Mac. They currently are read only.

So while I am not done, the major issues have been addressed and I can return to a moderate amount of normality, at least as far as the computer part of my life is concerned.

Have a great day!


Chuck said...

I still think we should do one of these ads.