#392- Cree, Zoe And A Purple Elephant...



Hi everyone-

Today's image was shot during the same shoot as yesterdays. The only real difference is that we moved out to the middle of the room and adjusted the location of the lights a bit.

The key light was to camera right and the fill to camera left. But in this case the lights were pretty much in the same spots as they were with yesterdays shot but now the angle that they hit Cree was a bit different.

The key light now comes in on a bit of an angle with only about half of the light hitting Cree. The fill light now comes from over Cree's right shoulder. I hope that makes sense. I will soon figure out a way to create diagrams of these set ups to add to the posts as well.

I hope you all have a great day. And if your in my area get ready for the cold!


Larry J. Patrick said...

Your Cree is like my Chloe (granddaughter), she loves bright, girly colors and her stuffed animals.

Nice portrait, but I think I like the first one better. I think that when you are taking environmental portraits, expression trumps everything, and I love Cree's expression in the first one better. Sorry!

Still a very good portrait. It must be nice having a super model live with you!

Gordon said...

I found http://www.kevinkertz.com/fm/LightingSetup.psd.zip good for doing lighting diagrams. Free for non-commercial use

Brian Bastinelli said...


I too like the first one better although there are aspects of the lighting that i might like a bit better here.


Thanks for the tip that will be a great tool for keeping track of my shots and sharing set ups with others.