#393- The Streets Of New York...



Hi everyone-

I wanted to switch it up a bit today and go back to street photography. This is a facet of photography that I have come to love. The best part about it is that a year ago I was really petrified of going out and doing this kind of shooting.

But thanks to some great friends and fantastic instructors as well as a super group of workshop participants all of that is history.

I'd like to thanks Craig Tanner and Marti Jeffers as well as all of the participants of the Street Portraiture workshop in Savannah last year for opening up a whole new part of the creative experience for me.

I was reminded of this when someone sent me a blog post that showed New York Magnum Photographer Bruce Gilden shooting on the streets of New York City. I found it really interesting not only because he creates some amazing images but also be cause it elevates street photography to a new level and reintroduces that fear of going out and doing something all over again.

I also found it interesting because I recently shot at many of the same locations that can be seen in this video. And even more interestingly (well at least to me) I was shooting in a similar but a little less in your face kinda way. It was more of a from the hip walking down the street perspective.

I had given myself a mini assignment to see how many images that were of at least good quality that I could create just by pointing and shooting with out ever looking through the view finder.

Now I am not comparing the images that Bruce shot to mine or mine to his, I just found it interesting that his video and where he was shooting were essentially the same locations and in a some what similar (albeit much more cagressive) manor to what I did.

I don't know if I would have the 'stones' to get up in someone's face randomly like this. What I think is so cool is how quickly and efficiently he creates these shots. I know they aren't for everyone but I find his work very cool.

Here is the video of Bruce creating his work.

Have a great day.


Nick said...


I find Bruce's form of photography completely uninteresting. Stick my camera in your face and click. No interaction. No nothing. I'm surprised that someone has broken him or his camera yet. I do find some of yours much more interesting. I do like the Oh Ahh, wow on the store across the street.

Barry Armer said...

Great shot Brian! This looks like a magazine cover (New York Life or something)!

Well done!

Gordon said...

I think I've found the responses to that video more telling than really what's shown in it.

All sorts of stories, projections, theories, yet the people in the video don't seem too fussed/ offended. It probably depends a lot on the culture/ situation he's shooting in.

On the other side, I also really enjoy the sartorialist blog which goes in a totally different direction for street shooting.