#394- Times Square


Hi everyone-

I shot today's image in NYC last October. While it wasn't totally shot like yesterday's image it was still a relatively quick shot while walking through Times Square.

It's also not the image i was going to post today or even the second or third. I got today's original image done early last evening as well as several others. But when I went back to upload the post, this image caught my eye.

It's not particularly a great image, not overly anything really but for some reason I kept going back to it. So I thought, let's give it a try in post and see what comes of it.

I think it turned out ok. I'd love to hear what you think, seriously. I know it's kinda dark but that's how city life can be at times. With the EMS unit, and the True Blood billboard as well as the fact that it was shot in a big city I thought dark would work.

Let me know what you think and have a great day!


Barry Armer said...

Great shot Brian!

I love low key shots and this one has a bit of a mysterious feel to it. It's a really nice tableau of city life as well. Great post-processing as usual!


Gordon said...

I just see Yahoo, then those double OO's take me to the double OOs for the bike painted at her feet, then the double OOs in true blood, then there's the nested Os from the target ad, and the couple of rear windows of the EMS truck get into the theme too, and the wheels on the green car, and the guy on the left 'falling' in to a big black circle, then the double loops on the ee's for Walgreens.

I'm left thinking


Ted said...

I'm reading a book by a neuro scientist who explains that the brain is a lazy piece of meat. It actually avoids dealing with the commonplace to the degree that it's invisible to us... our minds ignore it.

Which is why we can see so much in the commonplace when we travel. Our eyes are opened to things that folks who see them all of the time find invisible.

You've done that wonderfully here Brian. Now.. can you do the same thing in Harrisburg or York? Places where you ignore what might resonate as wonderfully with us as this visit to a foreign city. Can you bring back these eyes to home? Hmmmm...

Gordon said...

I've written about what Ted talks about, before. I remember that when I first moved to the states, everything was different, overwhelming. Plug sockets were odd. Gas pumps worked differently. Food packaging was strange. I had to relearn how everything worked, but saw everything, all the time.

It was overwhelming, depressing, would have been a great time to be taking pictures...