#395- Red Lion Fire



Hi everyone-

Hope you are all having a great weekend. I'm sorry about the lack of a post on Friday for those of you who stopped by the site.

I just couldn't make it happen. On Thursday night I was working and we had a fire so we didn't get done till about 12:30 am. Then on Friday as soon as I got home Red Lion, PA had a fire so I ran out to shoot that. Until I got back, went to the doctor and then came home processed fire images and got ready to go back to work, I ran out of time. On top of it all I then left my laptop at home in the rush to get out the door.

I know your saying BLA, BLA, WAH, WAH. I get it.

Anyway- Today I have images from the fire. It was an interesting one to shoot because It was very smokey, VERY cold and VERY icy. My D300 operated like a trooper even coated in about a 1/4 inch of ice. My lenses on the other hand didn't like it so much.

The fire was a in a row of four 3-story wood frame buildings and it was burning in all 4. The firefighters had evacuated 2 of the buildings and were fighting the fire from the outside due to collapses on the interior of the buildings. Well when its windy and way bellow freezing the mist coming from the hoses freezes almost instantly.

I had a lot of trouble keeping the glass on my lenses from freezing over. In the end I shot with every lens I have with the exception of the Lensbaby due to ice on the lenses. The ironic part of that is in several shots you can see what appears to be a Lensbaby effect but it's just ice on the lens.

The temperature was between 10 and 14 during the time I was there. I left covered in ice and very cold. But I got some good shots I think. You can check all of them at my fire photography site. Just go to www.brianbastinelli.com then click on the fire service images gallery and look for the 16JAN09 Red Lion, PA Fire.

Here are a few shots from the fire. Hope you like and as always your feedback is much appreciated.



Nick said...


Great action pictures. I really like your perspective and camera position on the second. I would have thought there would be lots of color, so I'm surprised with the BW. Works well and looks good, but surprised. Nick

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hey Nick-
Thanks for commenting on the images. There was a lot of color in some of the images. the main problem though was two fold, ice all over the camera and everything in heavy shadow.

The houses were in the downward side of a hill from the sun, it was early in the morning, and the huge volume of smoke was drifting up the hill and further blocking the sun.

There was a slight bit of reflection from the buildings across the street. But all of this combined created a strange cyanish-green cast with some pockets of magenta.

It was really weird. I had to do a tone of color correcting on the images to get them too look normal.

If you go to www.brianbastinelli.com and check out the fire-ground image galleries link you can see them. Once there go to the Red Lion, Pa 4th Alarm RSF gallery. There are a ton of images from the fire there.