#396- Looking Back, Looking Forward...



Hi everyone-

Today is that day for me that when it comes around the more time goes by the less you want to acknowledge it. I'm sure you get it.

Anyway I often take a look back and a look forward around this time. Similar to the way I look at things on the New Year. This time though I look a little more personally at my self. What do I like, what do I not, what should I work on changing (I don't need any help..lol), what should I leave alone.

One of the things that I think about are those around me and their influences on me. By influence I mean, how they effect me personally, and how who I am effects them. I was thinking about this over the weekend and thought I'd really like to take a moment of your time to talk about Tonya and Cree.

They've had the most profound effects on my life over any other people with the exception of my parents. They make each day of my life a total joy and worth every second.

Tonya is my best friend and Cree is the light of my life. I look forward to every second I get to spend with them and they truly make my life complete.

I could go on and on but I don't want to be too mushy. But without the love and support I get from Tonya and the pure unconditional love and joy from Cree my life would not be what it is today nor would it be as full and rewarding as it is.

I love them both more than I can express! So as I look "back and forth" today I'm reminded that we are who we are not only because of the paths we've traveled but who we've traveled them with and that those people play a major role in in our journey. A journey for me that could never be what it has been or will be with out them by my side!

Have a great day!


Larry J. Patrick said...

This is a great "moment shot." You could not capture the moment and the feeling between mom and daughter any better.

If you were to blow it up to a 20x30 and I were to study it for an hour or two, I might find some technical aspect of it that was not perfect, but, that does not matter. I think that photographers spend too much time thinking about all of this stuff and forget to capture the moment, the feeling, or the essence of a scene.

This is a really good portrait.

Keep up the good work.

Chuck said...

Happy Birthday Old Man!!!

Barry Armer said...

Wonderful portriat Brian!

Like Patrick said above, you captured a terrific moment here. The post-processing is great as well. I love the tonality of the shot!

Well done!

Jeff Casson said...

Happy Birthday Brian

Brian Bastinelli said...

Thanks everyone for commenting...except for Chuck. You will be old very soon as well.

Larry- This was at the end of our shoot with Cree and she had nearly had enough. Tonya stepped in and just worked her magic.

I couldn't pass up such a great moment. I agree with your comments completely.

One very important thing I learned during this shoot was to be prepared, think of all of that 'stuff' ahead of time.

Have your game plan, have it worked out or at least laid out in your mind. Be competent in what your doing and keep watching for that moment to arrive.

I mentioned I think that I should have had all of this stuff there and set up before ever mentioning to Cree that we could shoot some pictures. She was almost tired of the whole thing before we shot an image because I had to set everything up.

So she began to melt down after a few minutes and all seemed lost. But Tonya moved in and began to pick her up and tickle her and it did the trick. She was so involved with 'her' moment that she never even realized i was capturing mine.