#397- The Forgotten War



Hi everyone-

Today's images were shot yesterday while on a little photo trip around York. I thought it might be interesting to drive around the city and county to see what I could come up with while it was snowing.

Many of my usual places were really void of any activity and at times visibility was pretty poor. So nearly ready to pack it ini started heading home and then I came across the Korean War Memorial in York City.

My friend Wes had been on the phone with me for much of my trip and I said" Wes I found the image I'll have to call you back."

I got out and made a few images and then headed on my way. The statue, while dramatic in it's own right, looked even more so in the snowy weather.

The images have each been post processed in a different manor. Feel free to comment on them, I would love to see your feedback.





Woody said...

I would have to say I like the aged image the best. All are good, just that one is my favorite..

Barry Armer said...

Great shots Brian!

My favorites are the close up of the gun and the high key shot!

Well done!

Larry J. Patrick said...

This is a very good "mini body of work." The thing that I like best about the images is that you treated them with the respect that they deserve. The snow is perfect for a Korean War memorial. Great job.