#399 Perseverance



Hi everyone-

Some times in life there are obstacles that block your path. Some are easily overcome and others are a bit more involved.

But no matter what comes your way, you have to persevere. Giving up rarely makes ones situation better and often ends up creating more problems.

There are a few things in my life that I look to or look back on for the motivation to get me through what ever obstacle might be in my way.

I think that sometimes you happen to be somewhere at just the right time to witness things that will help you down the road. You may not realize it at the time but at some point it will come full circle and you will understand the true meaning of what you witnessed.

That was the case back in Yellowstone back in 2005. It was a snowy day in October as we made our way between Norris and Canyon. As we passed the closed Virginia Cascades Road something caught my eye. I wasn't sure what it was so I turned around and went back.

It turned out to be a large bison walking right down the middle of the road. He had snow on his head which he kept low to the ground. He walked in slow but steady gait. Determined to get where he was going. I watched him move down the long straight road towards our location.

Eventually as he neared he encountered a road closure gate blocking his path. He approached it slowly, stopped, studied it for a moment and then walked into the woods, around the gate and back up to the road. He looked back at it momentarily and then continued on his straight line....directly towards our vehicle.

I quickly got back in side and considered moving the truck but he was getting much closer and I did not want to startle him by moving. So we sat, motor off, watching the bison walk head on towards our vehicle.

As he got within 2 feet of the front of the truck once again he stopped, studied the truck, stepped to the side and proceeded to walk by all but brushing against the passenger side of the truck. After he made it around, he moved back to center of the road, paused and looked back at our vehicle. Then he continued his straight path to where ever his destination was.

So this might not sound all that dramatic and it really wasn't, but besides a great photograph I took away what I think is an important lesson.

Basically, along the way you will encounter difficulty or obstacles on your path. Don't rush to overcome them, rather take a moment to evaluate the situation, develop a plan in your mind and then slowly but confidently carry out the plan.

This Bison knew where he was going that day. He moved in a determined way, met adversity head on, overcame it and continued on his path.

I am reminded of this little lesson each time I see this image. I hope that it might do the same for you.

I'd love to hear what you might think of this little story and as always the image.

Have a great day!


Steve M said...

I am remiss in mot commenting on blogs that I too often simply "lurk" but my resolution this year has been to try and be more visible--had to comment today-enjoyed both the image and your backstory--resonated with me as I try to "transition" from Wall Street to Main Street hopefully in some way photgraphic-been some bumps along the road but staying with it--thanks for the inspiration today. have followed your work in RV and TME and have since learned we now have mutual acquaintances thru the many workshops I have attended-you have posted some really great work; hope we'll have a chance to meet one day. have a great day

Willard said...

A beautiful photograph and a good lesson to be learned from the situation.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Steve- Thanks for posting a comment. I am glad that you will not be lurking as much. I have the same problem I look at a lot of blogs each day but I do not comment nearly as much as I would like too.

I am glad the the story of this image was in some way helpful/inspiring to you. I often wonder if people really care about what I write or shot I just stick to the images.

I am sure our paths will cross one day under the TME umbrella or otherwise. Good luck with your transition and thanks for looking and commenting.

Willard- Thanks for your comment as well. I am glad you enjoyed the image and story!

Larry J. Patrick said...

You rarely see this angle of a buffalo. It is very interesting one. Good shot.