#400- Get Off My Back!


Hi everyone-

Today's image was shot on July 4th of last year at the Choteau, MT Rodeo. I posted a smaller version of this image with a few other rodeo shots back in July. I've recently revisited some of them and I wanted to re post them after spending some time with them in Photoshop.

One of the things I like best about this image is the way the bull seems to be looking right at the camera as if to say, 'You've got to be kidding, or ::sigh:: here we go again.' His face appears a bit animated almost as if someone were to have drawn it to incorporate some human characteristics.

I know that I often personify the animals that I speak of out of habit, but this is one that I think really seems to fit.

Also be low I'm posting the camera raw version of the image so you can compare it to the completed one. I tried to clean the image up a bit, remove distracting elements, clean up some dust as well as flying dirt, and adjust and boost color and contrast both locally and globally. This was done with Photoshop and Lightroom.

I hope you like the finished image. Feel free to comment as always. And of course have a great day!



Barry Armer said...

This is a terrific shot Brian! I really like it a lot!

Great capture and post-processing!


Anonymous said...

Great processing technique. You took a snapshot taken in direct sunlight and turned it into a photo.

One of the Barry, Larry, Larry P. and Steve S. co-club members.

Larry J. Patrick said...

When you see something like this, you realize just how power these animals are and how the clown must have a few screws loose to get as close to the action as he does. Very good shot. I think your new and improved post processing did a great job with the shot.

I was wondering (not usual for me), did you try a portrait crop with just the rider, the front of the bull and clown in it? It would be very different from this one and really force you to look at where the action is.

Good work, as always!

Jon Taylor said...

I have been meaning to ask for a long time now, will you post a tutorial on your method? I would be greatly indebted.

Anonymous said...

Very well done. The photo itself is not bad at all, but processing it you made it even better.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hey everyone-

Thanks so much for your feedback. I am really glad you liked this image. It is one of my favorite shots from this summers trip to Montana.

Welcome to the new readers of the blog and thank you for commenting. I love having feedback and constructive criticism. It really helps me to develop as a photographer and 'post processor'.

I am in the process of creating some tutorials on several of the processes that I use. There will be more info on that in the not so distant future.

Jon Taylor said...

Great to hear, all of the shots of the rodeo are very well done. I am very excited to see one of your tutorials!