#402- Buckin' Bronc...



Hi everyone-

I had some time yesterday to work up additional rodeo images so I'll go with those for a while.

The processing on the images is pretty much the same. I considered trying out some other looks but really think that this treatment works for the rodeo images. Soooooo to keep the images in somewhat of a series I went with the same processing for all of them.

The process, which was loosely described yesterday is probably the easiest part of the post. Simplifying the image, by that I mean removing unwanted elements and cleaning up dust and small distractions is what really takes up the majority of time when preparing these images.

I will be attending the rodeo again this summer and I am reeeallly looking forward to shooting it with my new 70-200 2.8. That should make for some interesting images.

I have not heard back from the people I was supposed to provide content for so it looks like I will be posting that content here at my blog in the near future. Because I wasn't really prepared to do that I have to quickly learn how create and post tutorials here. Please bare with me while I attempt doing this myself. I'll keep you posted!

Have a great day!

Oh, here's the raw image:



Jan Klier said...

Your post processing always blows me away. Thanks for sharing the original images - it's nice to see that we all have a similar starting point, we just don't make it all over the finish line the same way :)

I love Rodeo, so I'm enjoying these very much. A sport that is all raw and skills at the same time, but has a much more natural component to it than some of the other stuff we do. In these days of green and environment, understanding and being connected to your environment in a way a Rodeo rider is, is a very positive thing that we should have more off.


Larry J. Patrick said...

I think that the concentration of the fans in the stands is what really makes this image. You cans see that they are truly into "his ride." You have done an outstanding job bring that out in your post processing.

Good job!

Barry Armer said...