#403- Get Out Of My Way


Hi everyone-

It is cold and snow here in PA for a change. And I'm loving it. Of course it is going to change to rain because we can't seem to have snow here without rain somehow attached to it. But we have several inches which is the most we've had all year beleive it or not!!

Today's image was shot at the rodeo in Chotetu, MT. Bull riding is one of the most exciting parts of the rodeo. Not only for the rider but for the rodeo clown. Their job is to help the rider have a good ride by getting the bulls attention and then to protect the rider once they are off the bull. This often means putting themselves directly in front of the bull. Crazy! But a very important job.

I completed a video tutorial last night and hopefully today I will get it correctly formatted for the web and can post it tomorrow. I will keep you posted!

Have a great day!


Steve Schuenke said...

Great action shot! What I really like is the confederate flag draped across the backside of the clown - a little humor in an otherwise dramatic image. Looking forward to your upcoming tutorials.