#404- The Long Walk Back...



Hi everyone-

Continuing with the rodeo shoot I thought I would switch it up a little and end the week with a few posts of the cowboys who actually participate in the rodeo.

This guy had made his ride and now has to walk back towards the chutes to exit the arena. This can be either a proud walk back waving to the crowd or a slow and sometime painful walk back with your head hung down if you didn't make your ride.

Either way everyone there has a huge amount of respect and admiration for these guys and what they do, knowing that not to many of us would actually get out there and do it our selves.

Have a great day!


Barry Armer said...

Another great shot in the rodeo series Brian!

Great composition, colors and textures!

Well done!

a passion 'n frames said...

very nice!!!

Andreas said...

Awesome. I love the tight composition.

Larry J. Patrick said...

Good subject. Good composition. Good post processing. That much add-up to a good photograph.
And, some good work.