#407- Billy



Hi everyone-

I hope that everybody had a great weekend.

I worked that he fire department for the whole weekend. But it wasn't bad, we were actually pretty slow. Except of course for the call last night with less than 3 minutes to go in the Super Bowl. When we got back fro the call we realized that even though we had watched the entire game besides the last three minutes -- we actually missed the whole game!!!

But of Course the Steelers made Pennsylvania Proud...AGAIN!

Today's image was shot on Saturday night while we had a little down time. I wanted to experiment with using the flash off camera with the pocket wizards. My initial intention was to try to fire the camera remotely however i quickly realized that that wasn't possible with out purchasing a $120.00 cord.

So... I recruited some helpers and we set out to create an image that was shot with 1 flash and multiple frames blended in photoshop. Today's image of Billy is the result of that process. It is actually the second in a series of three images that we shot but it was the best of the series.

It was created by shooting 9 separate images with nine flash activations and then blending them together in photoshop to get this result.

i didn't think it turned out too bad for the first time out of the gate. I did learn a lot from the process and I also learned what I don't know about my SB-800. So it was good for that as well. I hope to be doing this a lot more in the future as the results can be pretty amazing if done correctly.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and criticism of the image.

I have a great Day!


Barry Armer said...

Very nice Brian!

I never would have guessed this photo was done with multiple exposures! I would love to hear more about he process some day!


Larry J. Patrick said...

Flashes are a lot of fun. Well, they are when the photo comes out. Good job.

Woody said...

I like it. Very nice

On a different subject, what would you say the benefit is of shooting raw compared to the other formats?