#408- "Oh Crap!"



Hi everyone-

Well I am here today patiently waiting for the snow that probably isn't going to come. Between staring out the window and going through all of my information for my tax preparations I took a break and looked through some images from the rodeo I posted last week.

There are a few more i wanted to share. I hope they aren't getting old. I am a huge rodeo fan so if it gets to be too much just let me know.

Today's image is of a clown distracting a bull so the cowboy can safely recover from being bucked off and get to safety.

It's a dangerous but very important job, one I have a lot of respect for. It takes lot to put yourself in between something that is pissed off and out weighs you by many tons and someone who is laying on the ground depending on you to by them the time to get out of Dodge.

I also wanted to address a question that Woody posed yesterday in the comments section. He asked what my thoughts were on shooting RAW vs JPG or some other form of image.

Initially I rejected RAW, as many did, out of fear. What is it, what do I do with it, etc... But once I read enough about the 'wonders of RAW' I decided to try it out. What happened next was simply amazing. Of course the first thing I thought was why haven't I been using this for 2 years!?!

Using the RAW format has revolutionized my images. I strive to get the shot right in the field but that does not always happen. In the days of JPG or film, what you got was what you got. You had to make it work, do the best you could with post processing or scrap it altogether.

Now I can essentially re expose my image in photoshop by using the RAW converter. I can do it globally or I can process the image several times and make more local corrections or changes and the blend them together in photoshop later.

The possibilities are endless. I am not an expert be any stretch of the imagination in the use of the RAW converter or even everything I can accomplish with this format and tools. But doing the few things that I do know how to do is really unbelieveable.

So to answer your question simply I think RAW is the way to go. But there are a few complicators to just making an blanket statement like that... Fisrt off is that RAW files are a lot bigger than what you are using now so they will eat up storage space quicker. And secondly the Photoshop RAW converter now supports jpg images.

This means that you can now do things to jpg's that you couldn't before, at least easily. So now you have to decide what you want to use. Keep in mind that quality wise there is no comparison, RAW is the way to go.

If I am shooting for a client, or shooting on one of my trips for the purpose of creating images I always shoot in RAW. If I am shooting a fire, I might consider shooting jpg. (most of those images are not going to be printed huge) However I don't do it that often. I normally do that to conserve space if I am running out of memory.

I do shoot in jpg mode when we're on vacation and are just taking "Hey we were here type of shots".

Like I said I am not an expert in all things RAW, but those are just my thoughts. If anyone has anything to add please feel free to do so.

Hope that was helpful. Have a great day!


Larry J. Patrick said...


I am a RAW guy! I really do not use JPEG for any of my shooting. Even for shots like my grandson's baseball game, I use RAW.

Now, after I have selected the ones to keep and do my "normal" Lightroom processing (set white/black points, adjust white balance, add mid-tone contrast, add clarity and vibrance, and possibly adjust certain color), I will make JPEGs of all the "average" shots to save and then delete the RAW files on my computer. But, even for something like a baseball game, for any shot that I think is really good, I will keep the RAW file. I know the price of hard drives keeps going down, but why keep more than you really need.

Just my thought on the matter.

Good image, AGAIN!

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hi Larry-

Thanks for your thoughts. Good point about changing them over to JPG's later. I had not thought of that one.

Have a great day!

Barry Armer said...

Another great shot for your rodeo series Brian!

I shoot all RAW all the time! Besides the incredible exposure control you get with the RAW conveter the ability to adjust white balance is worth the extra disc space all by itself!