#447 PSW and Boston...


Hi everyone-

While I was at Photoshop World I was able to take in a talk that the great Joe McNally was giving at the Nikon Theater. He talked about a lot of different things but all very interesting and very entertaining. Joe is a very funny guy and one of the best photographers out there. He is also a master at using speedlights and off camera flash to create amazing light.

At the end of his talk he asked a man in the audience who everyone thought looked like Kurt Vonnegut to come up and pose for him. He then proceeded to create a dramatic portrait right there. It kinda of brought a lot of the points he was making earlier together.

I just got Joe's new book, Hot Shoe Diaries and really recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about lighting with speedlights and off camera flash. I have been reading it and so far I love it!


While I was in town I did get to do a little walking around. I had to check out the mall that was attached to my hotel and the convention center. I couldn't come back with nothing for my girls!! So while I walked around I shot some images of the area.

This shot was taken from a skywalk between the two malls.


Of course in the time I was there I went up and down a lot of escalators and elevators. This shot was taken 'from the hip' literally.

Have a great day!


Larry J. Patrick said...


Congratulations on all your success. It is definitely deserved.

I have already read Joe's new book once and am starting my second read of it. It has some interesting insight into how he does what he does.

I really like the shot of the sneakers on the escalator. I like shots where you make people really look at things they see all the time. It helps them realize all the cool things around them.

Once again, congratulations.

Woody said...

I like the shot from the skywalk. Almost looks like a model scene. Good Job!

Aaron Bastinelli said...

I use those escalators and the skywalk to go buy my groceries... hahah.