#462- A Cool Find...And Some New Music...


Hi everyone-

Yesterday I forgot to post my own new feature, Music Monday. So after the image for today we'll have New Music Monday On Tuesday! Too much going on in my head I think.

Today's image of Krysten was shot in downtown York last week. As we walked through the market district Krysten noticed a building that she liked. It was a large stone structure that was formally a church. It had a great front porch, for lack of a better term.

It was in full shade as it was still early in the day. But much to our luck there was a white car parked along the street in full sun.
It was as if we had brought our own large reflector. We shot in this area for some time and the results were very nice. The soft reflected light made a huge difference.

Moral of the story here is to look for and use what is naturally available to you to create a cool image. If you look around you might find something interesting with interesting lighting that doesn't require you to artificially light the scene.


NEW MUSIC MONDAY, on tuesday...

So here is a band that I have mentioned before but are definitely worth mentioning again. It's Pete and J.

They are a singer/songwriter style out of Brooklyn, New York. I first came across these guys at the Kipona Festival along Harrisburg's Water Front this past Memorial Day.

They put on a great live show and obviously are loving what they are doing.

I have really come to enjoy their music. It's the kind of thing you can put on in your car and sing along to or play in your house while your working through out the day and it just makes you feel good. Also good for laying in a meadow in Yellowstone or somewhere like that and chilling for a while.

You can catch more of Pete and J at their website www.peteandj.com or at their myspace page www.myspace.com/peteandj

Pennsylvania Sun - Pete And J

Logans Song Pt. II - Pete And J

Number One - Pete And J

No More One More Chance - Pete And J

I hope you enjoy these guys and would love to hear what you think.

Have a great day!!


Steve Schuenke said...

Really nice shot! I love the skin tones and how the eyes come forward --- really complimentary to your model.

Barry Armer said...

Beautiful work Brian! I suspect Krysten was very please with this one!

Well done!

Larry J. Patrick said...

I like the coolness of the background versus the red in her hair and on her lips. I think this contrast pushes the image to the next level.

Good job.