#463 Cherry Lane


Hi everyone-

This week has been a bit of a crazy schedule for me and I am not getting to spend the time processing images that I would like to. So each night I have made just enough time to get another image from Krysten's shoot done.

I'd really like to spend a good portion of a day with them and hopefully I will be able to do that later in the week. In the mean time here are two more images from that shoot.

The first image was shot along Cherry Lane in downtown York. This is an alley that has been converted into a pedestrian walkway. In the spring and summer the city sponsors musicians over the lunch hour, the Central Market House is close by and there are a lot of little tables and benches.

It's a cool little place to be. While we were shooting these images there were some children on a field trip having their lunch in the area. They were very interested in what we were up to. I would have loved to shoot some images with them in it as they could not keep their eyes off of us. But we obviously didn't know them and didn't have permission, etc, etc.


The next image is actually the same shot as yesterday with a tighter crop. I was interested to see which version you thought was a more interesting image.

Let me know what you think and as always, have a great day!



Steve Schuenke said...

Beautiful images once again. I'm amazed at her lovely skin and facial features. Are these touched up much? And if they aren't, I bet I would be blown away if you spent more time on them.

Karen Johnson said...

I like both images but I think I prefer the tighter crop. I'm a person who likes them close up. These are great shots and your post work is fabulous.