#483- Belview Horses


Hi everyone-

I hope you're all having a great weekend. Great so far here.

Still in Choteau, MT until tomorrow morning. Then I'll be heading to Yellowstone Nation Park for a few days.

I'm sure it will be busy because of the holiday weekend but the weather forecast is for clouds, rain and possibly some snow so we'll see.

Today's images were shot yesterday along the Belview Road west of Choteau. These horses always seem to be in the same area near the road. I am not sure why as they have thousands of acres to roam. But we always see them in the same area.

I think they like to see the people passing by on the road.

Have a great weekend!!





Larry J. Patrick said...

Without a doubt my favorite horse shot is the last one. I really like how the fence leads you through the image. Nice job.

Barry Armer said...

Great set of pics Brian! Really extraordinary composition and dramatic post-processing work!

Well done!