#491- More Dallas Portraits


HI everyone-

Here are a few more images of Dallas that I shot and have been playing around with over the last few days.

I would love to hear your feedback on what you like and don't like.

Have a great day!





Barry Armer said...

Hello Brian!

I really like the first two. I think you could crop a little head room off of the top of the first image but they are definitely on par with the other outstanding Jackpot work you have presented!

I don't like the third photo as much as the other two because Dallas doesn't pop from the background as much and because the texture is on top of the subject. I still like it but it just doesn't have as much impact to me as the others.


Steve Schuenke said...

Hi Brian,
I tend to agree with Barry, maybe masking the emulsion and taking a little off from the subject, but leaving it heavier on the edges would help #3. But I love the postprocessing on all of these. Nice work.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hey guys-

Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you mentioned the third image. It was a really difficult image to process the way I did.

I wasn't really sure of the finished product but though I might be being a little hard on myself. But my intuition was correct.

I might try and re process this image when I get a chance. I think it looks cool as an old tin type simulation but agree it might have a little to much.

That being said it may end up as an image that doesn't work out to well for this type of processing.

So I am in the midst of processing a lot of wedding images and will be on the road again at the end of next week, so it may be a while till the next version comes out.

These images over the last few days were all shot within about 20 min of each other with the exception of the people riding the horses.

There are still two and a half full days to process and post.

I think I need an assistant...lol

Have a great weekend!

Larry J. Patrick said...

Me too.

I think Barry's and Steve's suggestion are pretty much in line with my thinking--us Bay Area Photo Club guys stick together.

I find it amazing how when you find a really interesting subject and you connect with him/her/it, you just seem to produce one good image after another in very short time span. Then, there are those other times. . .

Good work, look forward to mare cowboy land.