#538- It's Yorkfest Arts Festival Time!!


HI everyone-

Hope you had a great week! Starting tomorrow at 10AM the Yorkfest Arts Festival gets underway along the York County Heritage Rail Trail in downtown York. I'd like to invite you all to attend!

It's rain or shine and it looks like we have the chance to get a little wet tomorrow. But not to worry there are a ton of great artists as well as food and entertainment.

This year I am located at KING STREET and the Rail Trail. This is a bit further down the trail from last years spot. I am on the creek side. Just look for the huge battling elk photograph and you'll find me!

Hope to see you there! If I don't have a great weekend!

Today's image was shot this past week and I love it. We had a slot of fun shooting these images and this was one of my favorites because it captured a great moment where we went from fun to shear terror and back to fun in less than 30 seconds. It also sums up how I feel while I rush around getting all the last minute details taken care of for the show this weekend.

Have a great day!



Barry Armer said...

This one makes me smile!

I'm betting this will be one of Mom and Dad's favorite images from the photo shoot!

Great composition, gesture, and post-processing!

Well done!